HelpSetMaker Tutorials

How to produce a good documentation

HelpSetMaker is a great tool for producing online and printed documentation. However, you have to know what you want to say and how to say it. If you are unfamilar with the task of documentation, this might be not as easy as it sounds.

The tutorials in this document want to help you in this task of creating documentation. We'll present different techniques on how to document things and how to work with certain tools. We'll work with several helper programs during the trails, but those will be Open Source Software and available on all relevant platforms. Therefore, regardless of the used platform, you should be able to perform everything described in this document.


These tutorials are designed in a way that you get knowledge of reasonable number of tools. If you follow a trail, you will perhaps find that certain targets could be reached in a simpler or better way. Feel free to experiment with that. Sometimes, the more complicated way has simply been chosen because the author did not know better himself when he wrote the explanations. In other cases, the more complex operation brings certain advantages compared to a simpler approach. Normally, such circumstances are mentioned, however.